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HORRIBLE experience. My husband dropped my car off there for a simple oil change. When he came back to pick it up, they had completed the oil change and parked the car back in the parking lot for pickup. Turns out, technician left my car windows DOWN and it had been POURING for about 45 minutes. Yep, my car was soaked!

My husband informed the manager who then sent the technician out with two dirty rags that he thought would somehow magically soak up all the water. The technician not only failed at getting any water out of my soaked back seat and floor board. He also SMUDGED OIL ON THE INSIDE OF MY CAR door and the fabric on the backseat.

My husband was already in a hurry and very frustrated so he just had to leave. I called the store back later and spoke to the manager, he basically made me feel worse and said to bring my car back RIGHT NOW so they could clean it. I was already late for my trip out of state so I could not abide by his demanding timeline.

I sent a complaint via the Meineke website and a woman named CONCHITA (Hi Conchita!!!) from corporate called and left a weird voicemail on my husbands phone. I have tried calling Conchita back at her corporate number of 610-337-6111 but she does not care to return my voicemails.

HORRIBLE experience, horrible company from corporate to manager to worker. I will NEVER go to another Meineke ever again.


Offender: Meineke
Country: USA   State: Kentucky   City: Lexington

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