VA Beach Auto Showcase
Failure to refund downpayment for no transaction

My name is Garrett L. W. Approximately the week of May 12th I contacted Virginia Beach Auto Showcase located at 5220A Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, Virginia concerning the purchase of a 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder that I saw on their web-site ( which I was interested in.

When I called VA Beach Auto Showcase I spoke with David G. and was told that I would not need a co-signer for a loan to purchase said vehicle. I explained to David that I was still in High School only working part-time and it may take me some time to save enough money for a full down payment and it may be longer than 30 days. David told me that was no problem. He told me I could send $900.00 to VA Beach Auto Showcase and they would hold the vehicle for me. No mention was made of the length of time they would hold the vehicle for me. I forwarded VA Beach Auto Showcase a sum of $900.00 towards the purchase of said vehicle and received from VA Beach Auto Showcase a receipt (#419990) dated 5-23-2008 for the amount of $900.00.

Approximately during the week of June 15th I contacted David G. and I was told a co-signer WOULD be necessary. At that time I asked for my monies to be refunded. A few days later I spoke with David again, and I was told a co-signer would again NOT be necessary, that he meant in order for me to receive a lower interest rate a co-signer would be necessary. Approximately June 23rd, I again contacted David and asked that my money be refunded. David told me to call the next day to talk with him and a manager. When I called the next day I spoke to Mike, who I was told was a manager, and explained to him the circumstances. He told me he would have David call me back the next day. No call was returned. I called back again the next day and spoke with David who again told me to call back the next day. I again called the next day and Mike answered saying David was unavailable. Frustrated, I called again that evening and David told me to call the next day. I called the next day and still David was unavailable and I was told I would receive another phone call. I yet again received no phone call from Mike or David. On June 27th I called back and spoke with Mike. I told him that they were being immature about the situation, no person would call me back, nobody was ever available, and I was an unhappy customer. I again requested for them to refund my $900.00 within seven days, without question. No money from VA Beach Auto Showcase has been received by me.

I feel I have been more than reasonable and have given VA Beach Auto Showcase more than ample time to refund my $900.00 to me, and have been considerate and patient long enough. I don't know if they are treating me like this because they feel I'm not an adult, I'm still in school, or I'm uncaring, but business practices such as these are unacceptable.

There was NO CONTRACT signed by either party, VA Beach Auto Showcase or myself, regarding any right by VA Beach Auto Showcase to keep my money or stating that my money would be non-refundable.

All I am asking for is to be refunded my $900.00, less interest.

I appreciate your concern and action regarding this issue and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. For the record, this letter is accurate and factual to the best of my knowledge, and is written with the help of my father, Gary W. W..

Offender: VA Beach Auto Showcase
Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Virginia Beach

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