United Parcel Service
Packages are being sent to strangers and singed for and the tracking form just says

Our packages are going to other people, including me, my neighbors and neighboring businesses and those that go missing and are not returned by the unintended recipient only show up on the online tracking records and form as "Delivered" and under "Proof of Delivery" is a single random name that is untraceable!

After signing for some parcels and getting them indoors I noticed that one of my packages was unusually heavy. Well that was because it was a batch of merchandise for a neighboring store!

I took the package over to the rightful owners and they said that they had gotten packages from their UPS stack and signed for them only to discover some were for stores as far as two blocks away! They were kind enough to haul all of them to the shops that were missing their awaited boxes and product deliveries. Even if you ask for notifications, hours later it only says it was indeed delivered. However it doesn't say to what address or the last name of the person who allegedly signed for it, this is a problem when you don't get your box and can't prove that you didn't get it because it is officially logged in "delivered" and as signed for and they even have "proof"!

My recently missing package only says that it was "delivered" and under the option for "proof of delivery" it only has a random name which was impossible for me to track down, apparently not everyone in our neighborhood is honest, but then again who's to say it even wound up in my neighborhood.

Even when one company that sent my package specified that a signature was required, the notice on the website tracking said it had been delivered and added simply "Left on the front porch". Which is little consolation and far from the signature required, but UPS considers that "delivered". So tough luck.

One box of mine that was taken in a few doors down from me was in a stack of boxes and so the shop that received it never noticed that it had been torn open! The massive hole so big that I pulled out the entire contents without even having to open it! Horrified about the situation, the woman there said they would have refused it had they seen the gaping hole, but it having been in the middle of a stack it was missed.

The next two boxes that wound up elsewhere were also opened and not even with attempt to hide that the tape was cut off with a knife! However having known the neighbor's that the boxes were surprisingly delivered to, I was sure that after decades of knowing me and never having shredded boxes before, they had not done the damage themselves!

My last UPS box had just cut one side of the security tape (special non-standard shipping tape) cut and so I figured maybe it was intact and untampered with, but upon pulling the side where it was cut I discovered the box folding opened so that the flap could be pulled open to get inside of it, instead of cutting all the tape off one only had to cut one side and pull over the flaps and bend the cardboard to open it!

Here I thought that for once only one side had been cut and thus it was safe, instead of all three sides being cut open, upon pulling the panel that was cut open of security tape, wallah! The panel popped open and my whole box was opened!

Tearing open one panel was almost sneaky, although it they were not too worried about being caught as even upon my getting it I could see that clearly the taping was cut through on one panel before it had gotten out of the truck. None of these were "accidental tears" either, they were clearly deliberate and left no mark except where the tape was cut. I would think that if it happened before the truck took it out someone would either notice or in the case of the large hole the stuff would have landed all over a warehouse floor and someone would have sealed it back up for security in transport. There's little sense in guessing since my research shows that UPS doesn't give refunds or take responsibility for much of anything, even when pictures are shown or the package and it is refused due to the damage and the driver marked it as damaged in another truck, as long as later on someone says it looks fine to me, they won't give anyone a refund.

I know the shop owners well and since I saved their business from a calamity once or twice, they are quite kind in letting me check for boxes and I have known the secretary there at the front desk for over 25 years and she definitely did not tear open my boxes! She is a friend of mine and already knew there was nothing of significant value in them, but anyone assuming the label on the box was not from a recycled box would think that there was something valuable inside potentially.

Only the boxes that had the labels from the one company turn up opened, but they must be disappointed as they put everything back upon discovering there is nothing of value inside as the box might suggest!

So I suppose that is several complaints in one.

Offender: United Parcel Service
Country: USA   State: California

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