HID4u on ebay (Monterey Park, aka Xentec)
Didn't ship product, won't pick up Phone or return calls

Seller HID4u (Xentec) are THIEVES ... and sell POOR QUALITY (HID Xenon low beam lights, 1997 BMW 540i). RECOMMEND you do NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCT. Also, eBay CONFIRMED they do NOT Provide Support to Buyers in Fraud Claims of this classification ... BIG MISTAKE buying via eBay!

I gave Seller HID4u (Xentec) a "NEUTRAL" eBay review & returned the POOR QUALITY BMW Xenon head lights. So HID4u (Xentec) started calling me repeatedly at my home asking me to change review to "POSITIVE"! I said NO. They said they'll give me FREE Xenon Lights but I still said no. Then, they said they'd give me a FREE Electrical Component that prevents these poor quality lights from causing the "CHECK HEADLIGHTS" ERROR MESSAGE from coming up. I still said NO I won't change the review. Then they said if I change to "POSITIVE" they said they'll send me the proper plugs so I can plug in the Headlights to make them work so I don't have to cut the cables. I SAID ... O.K. ... I'LL adjust eBay review to "POSITIVE". They said to change to "POSITIVE" BEFORE they send me the lights & parts. I changed the review to "POSITIVE" and was waiting for lights, etc. NOTHING. This company is in Monterey Park but. and I haven't heard from the since - They've disappeared!!! They won't return calls 15-20 calls so far after 2 weeks ), they wont's return e-mails. Also, I found that they are not paying business taxes in Monterey Park, CA also.

Offender: HID4u on ebay (Monterey Park, aka Xentec)
Country: USA   State: California   City: Montery Park

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