Greyhound Bus

I tried to buy a ticket Aug. 24th 2011 and then on Aug 25th 2011, online but their web site kept saying their system was down. So I called to buy for my mother-in-law who speaks only Chinese. They told me they would charge $18 more for the ticket because "you are using your credit card over the phone and not your mother-in-laws card". I then said I'll give them my mother-in-laws card, they said I couldn't. They will wave the 18$ if you go to terminal to buy the ticket.

So if you buy a ticket on the phone for a relative and they print it when you arrive it costs $18 MORE; if you go to terminal and buy for a relative and they print it they wave the 18$ extra charge. If I buy online, if it actually worked, they charge 18$ MORE.

The reason the supervisor gave me on the phone was, "they have to print the ticket at the terminal when you arrive after standing in line". NEWS FLASH: consumers have to stand in line anyways and whether you buy the ticket before or at the terminal they have to print it too. There is absolutely no legitimate business reason, no added cost - no excuse that can justify why Greyhound should charge consumers 18$ more for the same process.

Fire your product manager for having the idea of charging customer 18$ more for completely unjustifiable reason that cannot be adequately explained to consumers.

Result: I'm buying a ticket for VIA RAIL, they don't charge extra for me buying a ticket for a relative that can't speak mandarin, and funny enough they had a mandarin speaking customer service representative if I needed one to assist.

To Greyhound: They say, "If a customer would recommend your business, that's a good measure of customer satisfaction". Imagine, over 1000 people at the wedding listening a wedding speech joke on how you overcharge and illegitimately have no justification for it, causing a honored guest to have possibly missed a reception and how VIA saved the day. That's 1000 Chinese talking to a thousand or more potential customers on how you screwed your customers. They 2000 talking to others at work, family, friends.

Resolve: If your supervisor waved the charges understanding that she couldn't speak English. If she hadn't been hung up on cause she didn't speak English or French. If your management provided the proper training to try to legitimately justify the costs "business process" for the added charges. If your web site actually worked to process payment and take my credit card. And lastly, if your supervisor had enough courage to take my information down so he could relate the dis-service back to customer service and complaints so you could improve your product. The processes and customer service completely failed at Greyhound.

Offender: Greyhound Bus
Country: USA   State: All USA

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