Unprofessional behavio

This is an ongoing thing, not one bad delivery or something like that. There just must be something in the water here, because it seems like both the UPS guy and the mailman who deliver to my office have it in for me. Our UPS delivery guy is really jovial and generally nice, but he is also completely unprofessional. He learned what my name is, and now he won't stop teasing me. I have to travel a fair amount for work, and whenever I come back from being out of town, the UPS guy just can't shut up about it. "Oh, you're actually working today, huh??!? Must be a special day if you're actually doing some work!" And he shouts it all over our tiny office. When my boss is sitting right there. It's just constant -- "Wow, you're actually in today, huh? I can't believe it! I can't believe you're actually working today!" In this really joke-y, sing-songy way. And all my boss knows is that the UPS is CONSTANTLY intimating that I'm absent from work a lot, or slacking off. Which, I'm not. I honestly can't believe that he still has a job acting this way; it's so presumptuous. We're not friends -- stop telling me boss that I'm slacking off at work. Words kind of fail me at how unprofessional he is, and I'm not quite sure what to do, short of following him outside and confronting him, which I'm not really wanting to do. The strange thing is, the mail man pulls this stuff on me, too. He learned my name, and now has to makes comments about me every day when he comes into the office. Last week, he made some crack comparing me to a troll living under a bridge. Now, I'm not a super model or anything; I'm just a normal looking person. And even if I weren't, why the hell would the mailman call me names?? And it was just like that -- as if he was trying to be cruel and funny at the same time, as though he were still in high school. Just the weirdest, rudest, nonsensical stuff. As far as I know, I've done nothing to provoke either of them, but they zero in on me every time they come in. It's gotten to the point where I have an urge to hide under my desk whenever I see them through the window, but if I do, I know the UPS guy will make a big stink about how I'm not there. :( I shouldn't have to be afraid to sort the mail, you know? Sucks, and it makes no sense.

Offender: UPS/USPS
Country: USA   State: California   City: Sherman Oaks

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