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I purchased a new 2010 Ford Super Duty with a 6.4 litre Diesel engine in june 2010 from koons ford of annapolis Maryland. The diesel engines in these trucks billow white smoke randomly 3 to 5 times a day and it lasts anywhere from a few minutes to 40 minutes being the longest i have experienced. The truck has been back to Koons ford 3 times now and every time they say its a normal function of the vehicle due to the emissions system. Well Koons Ford finally had a field service engineer look at my truck and they did a power control update that was a recall but this did not fix the problem, They also discovered that the oil level was 8 to 10 quarts overfull and diluted with diesel fuel and said this may cause white smoke issues. So Koons Ford changed the oil and told me to bring the truck back in 2 weeks so they could check the oil to make sure there wasn' t a problem, I took the truck back in 15 days and the oil was overfull again so Koons Ford said they wanted the truck for 5 to 7 days to diagnose this problem. Well Koons Ford did pressure testing on the fuel system and a die test to locate the leak but couldn't find a problem so they just put the truck back together and gave it back to me in the same condition. I even had a oil analyssis done on the 15 day old oil and the test came back at 6% fuel dilusion and the lab stated this was at problem level. So now Ford Motor Company and Koons Ford still says nothing is wrong with truck and if something happens to the engine this is what i have a warranty for. Are you kidding me you cant even fix the problem im living with. I even have other motorists behind me pulling up beside me flipping me off and I was even stopped at the bay bridge by the MTA Police for this problem. FYI Ford Motor Company has class action law suits against them for these engines and Ford Motor Company even has a law suit against International Navistar that makes the engine for them citing that these engines have unprecedented problems and seriously diminish the resale of the vehicle.

Offender: Ford Motor Company
Country: USA   State: Maryland

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