Palomar Hand Car Wash & Detailing

Summary of Situation:

1. Strong odor immediately after interior wash continued to get stronger each day. The odor was foul each time opened door. After 1 week it smelled as if there was some kind of deterioration/decomposition etc of the chemicals used.

2. After approximately 2 weeks took car back and they recleaned the interior.

3. Approximately 2 weeks after this second attempt the odor returned with about 30% of original strength.

4. Right now I have a lingering odor in the car.

5. Fernando and another man who misrepresented his position lied to me stating owner was female. The owners name is Dave once I started to request with urgency to speak to owner. It was not until I mentioned a small claims solution that they provided me owners name/number.

6. Fernando did not call Nissan day after New Year ie January 2nd 2019 as he said he would.

7. Dave (owner) 100% uncooperative to contact Nissan for estimates on correcting the issue.

8. I have been a loyal customer and have been LIED to (was told owner is female in an attempt to deflect the escalation) and the owner refuses to come to satisfactory solution.

9. I am in contact with legal professionals in an attempt to remedy the DIMINISHED VALUE brought on by what appears to be permanent odor as a result of Palomar Hand Car Wash & Detailing.

10. Apparently the majority of reviews during the time this incident first happened are 1 and 2 stars meaning it is quite possible this business has capitulated to the downside and WILL NO LONGER BE IN BUSINESS in the next 1-2yrs despite having been in operation for 25 yrs per Dave. Review the last 3 months review for yourself and you will see people stating shoddy service and cleaning not up to par. They may have lost out on $15-25 and I am now out potentially thousands to remedy the situation of DIMINISHED VALUE due to ODOR.

How dare you david lefton!!!
How dare you lie to me fernando!!!!
How dare you lie to me carlos!!!
How dare you rip me off david lefton and damage my car for thousands upon thousands!!!!
How dare you palomar car wash!!!! i said how dare you!!!!!
How dare you damage my car and lie and fail to make good palomar car wash!!! i said how dare you!!!

IT IS NOW TIME FOR THE WORLD TO HEAR MY STORY even more than before palomar!!! I SAID HOW DARE YOU!!!

Offender: Palomar Hand Car Wash & Detailing
Country: United States   State: California   County: San Diego   City: Carlsbad   Zip: 92011
Address: 6019 Paseo Del Norte
Phone: 760-431-9299

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