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Faulty repair, warranty not honored - Warranty of GMC Repairs

I had a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Duramax Diesel 6.6 liter engine, with 105,000 repaired at Royal GMC in Tucson AZ while I was RVing in the Tucson area for a month. Requested repair was to replace four fuel injectors (#1,3,5, and 7), due to white smoke when idling and accelerating. I had no other problems that I knew of.

The service advisor reported I also had an oil leak and reported that to my breakdown insurance company which provides some warranty-like coverage. I was unaware of the oil leak, as I tow a large 5th wheel I religious check my oil, fluids levels, and always check for leaks or drippage below the truck. However, they reported it and the warranty-insurance provider said it had to be repaired. So authorized repairs were made on fuel injectors and to remove the backplate from the engine and to reseal it. Furthermore during the repair, the mechanic broke and solenoid/switch and that was also charged to me. They assured me the entire repair work was warrantied by GM at any GM authorized service for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

5 days later I picked up the truck just a day before I had to leave Tucson for our next reservation in Las Cruces NM. Paid my $500 deductible charge by my breakdown insurance, I drove the truck home Friday night, and on Saturday morning I drove around Tucson and noticed some drops of oil under the truck. I carefully parked on clean asphalt and sure enough my truck was dripping oil. I called the dealer, to the truck back in and they said it was just some residual oil from the repair, and was safe to drive and continue on from Tucson to Las Cruces.

I drove the next day to Las Cruces NM, and carefully monitored oil. I did not see any change on the dip stick, but once arrived in Las Cruces I noticed a couple of drops under the truck. I monitored this for a few days, thinking just residual oil. This never cleared up, and then my oil gauge went crazy, would register proper pressure for about 5 minutes, then it would drop to zero.
I took truck to Sisbarro GM Dealer where in Las Cruces and reported the problem of the oil leakage, oil gauge, and history of the work done in Tucson. They claimed the warranted work would not be covered by them. They called Tucson and I was advised I would have to drive back to Tucson to have that GMC dealer to do the work. I cannot do that as I am living for the next several months. The Las Cruces GMC dealer diagnosed the problem as a cracked upper oil pan. Tucson said they did not do it; however that oil leak was first noticed by me after their repair. Las Cruces would not repair and honor the warranty they said they did not do the work. Tucson dealer told the Las Cruces dealer about my extended warranty / breakdown insurance and the problem was reported to that company and they approved the repair. However that now costs me another $500 deductible to fix work that I firmly believe should have been covered by the GMC warranted repair.

I believe the only charges I should be responsible for are the charges to repair the oil pressure gauge if its malfunction is not related to the engine work performed earlier (e.g. a damaged sensor or faulty connection etc.)

Both dealerships and their service staff have been professional and cordial to work with, but the nature of the leakage immediately following the repairs done in Tucson force me to believe the repairs were not properly made there.

I contacted GMC online help asking for name, address, phone number for regional service manager's name for this area of the country (my fulltime home is Montana), but the online support staff were unable to provide that information, told me to check on Facebook, which I did and could not find anything there either... what help :-(

Offender: General Motors GMC
Country: USA   State: All USA

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