Firestone Complete Auto Care
Firestone taking advantage of vulnerable teenage girl

My daughter goes to college in Weatherford, TX and I live in Gurnee, IL. My daughter had bought a so called new battery 7/20/2011 Invoice#061479. Her car would not start on 1/7/14 so I figured there was a battery issue. We called the local Firestone to see if there was a warranty and based on time there was some sort of prorated credit. We had the car towed there and they began to tell me that they would have to do some sort of test. It started at $24.99 and than they said it would be $79.99. They called back and said I would need a battery first because they are unable to do the test because the car for sure needed a new battery but there was indeed a problem but could not determine that since the car would not stay on a needed the new battery. They quoted me at $95 and that was with the proration. I asked how can that be when the last batter I bought cost $90 after installation. They said the battery was $110 and that's all they had for me. I just purchased a battery for my 2010 Acura TL for $90 so not sure how a 2001 Accord can be $110. I told them I would have the car towed if they can't do better on the battery. They said they could not so I called another local place and they had a battery equal to the purchase price I originally bought. So I set it up that my car would be towed to that place. So Firestone called me back and said I still needed to pay the $79.99 even though they specifically told me they could not test it since the car would not stay on. In 2 different ways Brandon told me they did not do test and was not able to complete test because the needing of a new battery. He also told me there was definitely something causing the draw on the battery but they need the car to stay on to determine that. I than spoke to the mechanic at the other shop. The only issue was the battery. There was nothing wrong with the car except the battery. I told him that I bought battery from Firestone 2.5 years ago and he told me that battery looks way older than 2.5 years and the issue was there was a hole in the battery. After discussing there is no way to prove that I was sold a used battery so I really can't go anywhere with that. My problem is being charged $79.99 for NOTHING being done! 10 years ago I was ripped off by the Gurnee, IL Firestone and now this is happening in Texas. I swore I would never go back but when you have a vulnerable daughter 1000 miles a way you are limited on what you can or can't do. I did not authorize a $79.99 charge on my credit card for no work to be done. I will be telling anyone and everyone through social media. My daughter will do the same. How Firestone stays in business is amazing to me. I will never ever go back to a Firestone and never ever purchase or own Firestone parts or tires or ANYTHING. When I go to buy a new car and if there are Firestone tires I promise I will demand for those tires to be changed or I will not purchase the car. I am DONE for the rest of my life with Firestone.

Eddie Rubinstein

Offender: Firestone Complete Auto Care
Country: USA   State: All USA

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