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Bought a 2012 Ford Eco Boost this last spring (love the truck) went for an oil change to my mechanic and he spotted a oil pan leak. Went to place of purchase Stoltz of Coudersport, Pa. they called Stoltz of St Mary's (main dealership) so I brought my truck out there ( an hour drive away) last Thurs. 12/12. They took it in and upon returning it to me, I was told "yes, you have a leak" I then said "what do I do" and was told "keep checking your oil" at that I got angry and said " I did not buy a new truck, to have to check the oil" I was told they needed to order the part and I would have to return to get it fixed. Then they looked for a date to fix it. Which they said to bring it back Monday the 16th and they would give me a loaner and fix my oil leak 1st thing Tuesday morning 12/17. I showed up on Monday afternoon to drop off my truck, to the "owner" asking me if I had a problem I said I was not happy about making 2 trips ( now I have 3 hours invested) we have had several inches of snow and I live in a very rural area, so upon giving my keys to I asked for a 4x4 loaner, at that point the "owner" became outraged and told me "I was lucky to be getting a loaner car, he didn't have to even do that" I got in the loaner car and drove away...only to realize it (the car) didn't even have enough gas to get me home. No big deal put gas in it. When I get home local dealer (the one we purchased truck from) calls and tells me "owner doesn't want to deal with me...Stated he would deal with me that this truck doesn't have an oil pan is silicone ( so they lied about the part) and get my truck back. How Rude!!!! Then St. Mary's Stoltz calls and tells me they put a dye in my oil and there is no leak" Know I have to wait for my truck to be picked up and returned, nothing has been done except 2 round trips to a dealer that is totally rude and should not be allowed to speak to customers. we will Never Buy another truck from Stoltz...I was told to take to our Kightlingers (another dealership) here in town....If I am going to them for service, will buy from them. Your Ford sign on Stoltz of St. Mary's is Shaming your Company and the great trucks that I enjoy driving

Offender: ford motor company
Country: USA   State: All USA

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