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Scare Tactics - Mavis

Well ladies heres a word to the wise for ya about car care. My downstairs neighbor went to Mavis in Fulton today to purchase 2 new tires on her BRAND NEW VEHICLE with less then 10k in miles on it. She only agreed to buy 2 tires which they told her would be 149 tax out the door. 1hr and 45mins later they came to her and said her car was dangerous to drive cause the alignment was out so horrible that there was NOWAY she could keep her car on the road!!!. Mind you it didnt pull at all before she went in. So not knowing anybetter she reluctantly did the alignment for $60 dollars. When it came time to cash out her bill was close to $250!!!!!!!! Oh also the alignment was not out and she has proof of that from the print out THEY gave her!!!!! Which just shows how dumb they think women are. Also id like to know how 149 out the door tax and all, then with an additional $60 alignment that was not needed comes to $250 dollars??????? So not only did they use SCARE tactics on a women that came into their shop to sell an alignment!!!!! They also changed the price of her tires!!!!!!! Needless to say I took care of it and she will be recieving a $100 refund to her card tomorrow morning . Ladies you need to be careful when you go to a shop alone. THEY WILL TRY TO SCREW YOU!!!! Luckily she came to me when I got home and I showed her what they did. Just beware, even thou Mavis usually is the cheapest, doesnt mean by anymeans mean they are honest!!!!!!. I recommend anybody in this area go to Rob Longos parents shop on 57 or pennivile garage off 10. They are the 2 most honest shops around since I left Mavis.

Offender: Mavis Discount Tire
Country: USA   State: All USA

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