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DON'T USE FROM YOU FLOWERS! They are scammers, liers, unprofessionals and play with plp expectations shamlessly!! - Flowers and birthday balloon

2 days before my mom's birthday, I ordered flowers form this company, along with a birthday balloon, since I am overseas and could not make it on time with a gift for her birthday. It was one of the first wbsites I found on Google and I was in a rush. I should have looked at the reviews first! I paid $70.00 ($14.00 hidden service fee included and disclosed until the end, of course) but I was willing to pay for the urgency of the service.I received an email form From You Flowers assuring me the flowers have been delivered the day I wanted at 4:30pm. When I verified with my grandmother, who was going to receive them to surprise my mom later; she told me nobody had ever came or called. I was upset but respectful when I called several times from overseas, they denied it, only to admit it later and apologizing, they told me they couldn't get a hold of the florist, that they were going to let me know what hapened, etc.....They never got back at me. I did not care anymore, the surprise for my mom's birthday was ruined. I wrote them again the next day, they answerd fast, but just to "apologize for the inconvinience". Nothing else. I asked for a full refund. Affter all, that's what they offer on thier website...." If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, feel free to contact us. We will either refund your money or redeliver a new product. The choice is yours!" ...I should have been contacted and asked to chose between a refund or a new delivery, which in this case I wasn't interested in. They just delivered them the next day, without asking me if i still wnated them and without the b-day ballon. Also, the flowers were different from what I ordered. I sent another email asking for a refund and all they did was to apologize again. They are scammers, liers, unprofessionals and play with plp expectations shamlessly. I feel like an idiot to get upset for something so silly like ordering flowers but these plp don't deserve to have their bussines running!! Don't use this service if you don't want to be scammed!

Offender: from you flowers
Country: USA   State: All USA

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