Haband Company
Habands cheap walking shoes made in China and sold by an anmerican company - shoes Omega Walkers in Tan and Blue

I bought two pairs of allegedly quality shoes from Haband. I ordered mine in tan and blue. I paid for them at the time of order yet my order was delayed because of what they called a large success and back order. Okay...I waited an extra 45 days to get the products. They arrived and they fit. I began wearing them. The insoles or padding on the inside always comes out when I removed the shoes. I lived with it until one day I noticed the sole on the left foot had a tear all the way across it from big toe to small toe. I called them and sent them back. They asked me what I wanted and I said a quality pair of shoes as promised and if not...a suitable replacement. I got my replacement pair about two weeks later. Two days after the shoes arrived I got a bill along with a Haband credit card application. (did not declare an interest rate on it...sux). They were billing me for $4 as an up charge. Thats horse s!@t! Bill me for an upcharge on a defective product??? Who the hell do you think we are? Im not stupid or gullable. I called the number on the form for customer service. I get put thru to somebody named Dave talking to e from the Philippines! Now...Im pissed. Another American company cutting corners and padding the executive pocket for cheap labor by foreigners! What kind of country is this and why not employ Americans? Not patriotic at all. Very selfish and greedy considering the economic status of U.S. today. Why not employ the American and help a nation in distress? no pad the pockets of the execs and sell out the American middle class by having the chineese provide inferior products and then you have the nerve to up charge me? Wrong! I'm an american and Im a veteran and I fought so you could exploit the people?? Ill tell you one thing...Im never buying another goddamn thing from this company. My belief is that if an American company gets their stuf made overseas and service is overseas at a cheap rate and doesnt support a failing economy here...to me ...you are guilty of treason and sedition against capitolism and the American working class. You should be exiled and have no funds and never be allowed back in this country. Im sick of this garbage and Im sending both pairs of shoes back now and you will refund me my money in entirety and remove my name from your mailing list and solicit my business no more. Im going to the American Legion and tell my story and I hope they follow suit by never ordering from you again. You want to live here like a king while you spit on the people and sell them cheap chineese crap while the profits stuff doughnuts in the fat holes of you and other corporate schmucks. Politicians...corporate execs and liberals are why we are in trouble. You repay the consumer by having stuff made overseas and hiring custmer service agents in the Philippines? Thats just not right and you bet Im gonna blab my story all around. The shoes are junk. your catalog is full of junk and your customer service sucks. If you wont hire American then kiss my rebellious buttocks. Send me a full refund and remove yourself from my life forever Haband. Any proud American should stand beside me and flip you the bird! So...fix my bill to reflect a zero balance and take the shoes and keaster them! Youre a disgusting slap in the face and you should not be blessed with American business anymore. You need to go away Haband. Ill be writing the CEO too so get ready Haband. You screwed with the wrong veteran ya schmucks!

Offender: Haband Company
Country: USA   State: All USA

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