engine diagnostics - Fornt wheel bearing replacement

In july of 2012 wheninfor a noise that sounded like metal hitting metal did not happen all the time has for about amonth prior put on engine diadnostics and told needed hub bearing replaced it!204.20 for bearing 106 for diagnostics.Couple days later hear same noise thinking it cant be.About a month &a half later aug 2012 more issues same noise plus vibrating brake pedal service traction control light came on drove back to ntb arlington heights waited for hours put on personal diagnostics machine and told the other hub bearing was needed to the tune of 436.00 dollars this time on discover card last on ntb card came back again in nov 2012 still with the same problem more baloney took it in and this time said oh theres a bulletin from GM on the second bearing that was not when we did it so they got an actual GM part and replaced and gave back the money for the labor to this day the noise is still there and getting worse.Have been to another NTB for oil changes and rotations Almost a THOUSAND DOLLARS spent and the same problems exist.Cant afford trial and error Help!!!!!!

Offender: NTB
Country: USA   State: All USA

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