ford motor company

itook my 2002 ford focus to future ford of clovis ,i haved a lot of work done on my car there how my check engine light has came back on still under warranty,i took it back DIAG"D- show that it is 02 sensors the DIAG"D give them a code and that code is that o2 sensors are failing .in april future ford of clovis put in band new o2 sensors,catalytic converter.three heat shields,new bolt,nut ,screws it cost me 2300.00 dollars like i said still under warranty they said by law them could not place the o2 sensors give me a brake they did the work they fix it and this is not the first time it went back i took my car back shorty after they put in the catalytic converter ect. because i kept hearing something it was the hanger for the catalytic it was broken they new and did not tell me that is part of so why them didnot fix it when they did all the other work they told me they forgot, please when i had a full vehicle check up back in or around the beganing of 2013 the reports said some front end work i needed and a belt or hose need to e place okey got the front end work done there,that i have had no issus with ,other thing started to happen things they said where fine are bad now in a few months not just one just about everything they where wrong about belt ,but got my money back for the belt i got for them had no issus with because i did the work they needed to refund me for the wrong part ect,ect.,ect i could and should go on but iam tied of dealing with a company that dose not stand by they warranty or they product , that why iam going talk to a lawyer who can and will take legal action so if there is anyone who sick of being screwed over by this company lets do something and that would be getting touch with someone who will standup for are right the more of us the better and there are alot of us i have read the consumer reports ect, ford motor company consumer complaint. go to http// we all need and should stand up for are right its notlike we didnot pay them they got paid already for the work.reply to me at SKIDTOP1@GMAIL.COM

Offender: ford motor company
Country: USA   State: All USA

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