Dob's brake and auto repair
Auto repair was not complete, and the company caused new problems with my vehicle. They could not find the problem so they said to give them there money and come get your car.

I brought my car to Dob's to change my head gasket. I brought my car to them in running condition. Car was a beast. I just had a tiny leak in the head gasket. I brought it to Dob's so that I would not blow the motor. A head gasket job takes about 2 days.
Later they called and said that I had a broken clip by my timing chain and said I had to pay another $120 after my quote of already $1700 dollars. A clip that can only be broken while taking off the head. I went ahead and paid for the clip they broke.
1week later they said the car was done but would turn off after the car warmed up. Now they said I had 1 bad injector. Another $200 dollars to my bill. I said ok fix it. They said it will be here tomorrow. I wait till tomorrow and then they said oops sorry got the wrong part. What mechanic orders the wrong part. I just think they lied just to make it sound like they ordered the part but hadn't ordered it yet.
2 weeks later, they still cant figure out what the problem is. They send my car to another mechanic because they cant fix my car that they broke. What mechanic sends their work to another mechanic to finish.
The mechanic said they could not figure out the problem, so the owner tells me, "we fixed what you asked us to fix. You have to pay us $2100 and come pick up your car." mind me the car wasn't even in driving condition. The owner said it wasn't his problem. How can they even say their work is good if they couldn't test drive the car? So I intend on suing the company. I will not let people like this get away with bad business.

Offender: Dob's brake and auto repair
Country: USA   State: California   City: Oxnard
Address: 330 Oxnard Blvd.
Phone: 8054834771

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