Consumer Portfolio Services

I have been dealing with Consumer Portfolio Services since November of 2007. I have been pretty good about making payments until recently when finances got a little tight. In December of 2011 I made arraingments to make a payment on a specific date. I made the payment and they also took money out of my account making it a double payment. My husband spoke with them about this payment the next month and told him that my next payment wasn't due until March. I made a payment in March and I was told I was still a month behind. I told them NO that my payment for APRIL was only 3 days late and I had 10 days to make a payment. I spoke with them one more time about this same payment and they insisted that I was still a month behind. The person I spoke with was very Rude and Inconsiderate and we exchanged an aggressive argument. When I told her I would make a payment she insisted I make a FULL payment and they would not except a partial payment.( I hung up on her) she called back and my husband answered the phone. she thought we were disconnected and my husband told her NO that it was done on perpose. MIND YOU THAT THEY ALSO TOLD ME MY PAYMENT WAS DOUBLED!! I have receieved phone calls EVERYDAY for almost a month and have been very harassing and trying to strong arm me. I am willing to make a payment to get my payments back up to date but The Harassing phone calls through out the day are REDICULOUS! They say they will work with you and then tell you something else! My loan for my truck was for 12,000 and I have paid over 25,000 for this truck(yes my interest was high at 24%) I only owe about 5,000 but I think they are getting worse about payments now that the loan is almost paid! It will be paid off in February of 2013

Offender: Consumer Portfolio Services
Country: USA   State: California   City: IRVINE
Address: PO BOX 57071
Phone: 6302882800

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