Saban's Rent a Car LLC.
Rent a Car Phoenix Car rental, shiesters, unprofessional, rude, negligent, dishonest, RIPOFFS

Where to begin.... It started with me looking for a way to rent a car for my Prom. I am 18 years old and could not find anyone who would rent to me. It took some doing but I eventually found this car company, Saban's Rent a Car LLC., who said they rent to 18 year old's. They said on there website that they TRUST persons 18 years of age and older because LEGALLY they are adults and can make the same decisions persons 25 and older could make. I got there and was kinda sad to see all the Hail damaged cars but I thought hey, what can you expect from a company that rents to 18 year old's?
They charged me $70 PLUS a $250 deposit for an old Chevrolet Cavalier. I wasn't impressed but it got the job done. The inside chairs were stained, it smelled of cigarette smoke, and had hail damage all over the exterior of the car. This was just a day rental, and already I had put down over $300! I understood that I had to put the same amount of gas as when I took the car, but I ended up putting in a little extra because I'm just a nice guy like that. Today I returned the car before the 24 hours was up, WITH extra gas, AND I had waxed the car, cleaned out as much of the stains as I could, and got rid of the cigarette smell.

I entered the 'Business' with my mom who was helping me rent the car and was treated with the most disrespect I had ever received in my life. The man told me I had gone over the 100 mile limit and was going to be charged 75 cents per mile over the 100 mile limit. The previous day the man had not gone over the contract with me at all, something I thought ALL professional people do. But it was my negligence to not read every last detail on the contract. He proceeded to call my mother the F word, and call us both effing idiots for not reading the 'Fine Print' He called my mother an B****, a moron, and the F word several times. It was all I could do not to jump over the counter and smack this short little stubby man and tell him how to speak to a lady, least of all MY mother.

After leaving I took a look at the contract and you know how when you sign a contract you get the yellow copy and they keep the other? When completing our transaction today the short stubby man had crossed out the Tax and Surcharge and wrote down an extra couple percent and charged me $12(11.99) for cleaning the car.

This company is a rip off, dishonest, rude, thiefs, NOT professional, run down, disrespectful, ESPECIALLY towards the female sex. I would NEVER recommend this company to ANYone, I would in fact go as far as to say this company is a prime example of a company that knows there way around the law, and will do EVERYthing they can do to get as much money out of you as they can. They don't care about the customer, they care about how much money they can get out of them.

I don't know what else to say,I hope this company goes out of business and gets what they deserve, because they definitely didn't deserve MY business.

Offender: Saban's Rent a Car LLC.
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix
Address: 2934 East Mcdowell Road
Phone: 6022699316

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