Auto Max
Thug Thieving Selfish Scammers!!!

I purchased my FIRST vehicle at Auto Max due to having no established credit. Before signing the papers I had told them that there were things wrong with the vehicle. "SEAN", one of the sales men told me to bring it back in a week and it would be fixed.

I brought the vehicle back only for him, "SEAN", to tell me to speak with a manager because His "job is to sell the car". He, "doesnt deal with anything after the contract is signed".

So since we had to put 3k into the vehicle just so it would run we decided we were not going to make any further payments.

Just 2 days ago I went inside my business partners house for a total of 10 min and came out side to find my car GONE.

It was no surprise that they repoed the car. It was surprising they picked it up from a friends house and dragged it away with $5,000 worth of belongings in the car.

I called Auto Max and explained that there were valuable belongings in the vehicle and they told me I would need to bring the keys and they would give it to me.

Ok, so my husband brings the keys to them and comes home with a garbage bag full of our things. I open the garbage bag to find My Zales engagement ring certification MISSING, along with my $2500 Movado Watch, and a few other small less valuable items.

I call them to ask them where it is, and they had me on the line for 30 minutes telling me the manager himself had cleaned my car out. I told them that I would report the items stolen so they best go and double check.

Keep in mind that they told me they returned all my items to me. . . .

They call me back saying they now found my ring certification but cannot find anything else. Well I find that very funny because the same person whom said he cleaned it out himself and fought with me for 30min saying he gave me everything now has found one of the items and is telling me he cant find the others.

They STOLE my watch. They even had the audacity to say "a watch is a watch". So according to him a $10 watch you get from Walmart holds the same value as my $2500 Movado watch.


Offender: Auto Max
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Arlington
Address: 108 North Collins Street
Phone: 8172265111

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