Mark Dodge Sealership of Mobile, Alabama
Mobile, Alabama Dealerships Deceptive Practices

After much deliberation when buying looking for a vehicle, I was drawn to Mark Dodge by an advertisement in the mail concerning a sale on certified used cars. I went to the dealership with the hopes of finding a good used vehicle from a reputable dealer. I was wrong. First, I approached salesman, Mike Barnes, and explained my needs and told him how much money I had to put down on a reliable vehicle. I explained to him that I did not want to go to other individually owned dealerships where their reputation was not up to par. This was an important decision for me. He took my information and ran my credit.

He came back to tell me that I qualified to have a used vehicle on their lot financed. I was so happy! He told me my choices and showed me the Saturn. We went for a test drive. During that test drive, I stressed to him how important it was to get a good reliable vehicle. He assured me the vehicle was trouble free. I bluntly asked him, " Is there any problems with this vehicle". He said, "absolutely Not!" He then Said, "The vehicle undergoes a 101 point inspection before it is sold and everything is repaired". I was so encouraged by the news. I told him that if this was the case, I would like to move forward in purchasing the vehicle. We went in and started the paperwork and finalized the deal. I left the lot in excitement of having a dependable vehicle.

I stopped off a Wall Mart to pick up a few things before heading home. After shopping, I went to get back in the vehicle to find that the doors would not open with the key. I was puzzled! I called Mark Dodge and Mike Barnes came to Wal-Mart with a mechanic from the lot and opened my doors with a jimmy-bar. He told me not to worry, we would take care of it. I took the vehicle in on Monday to have the key fixed. After waiting an hour, he came back to tell me that the lock switch needed to be replaced and they would not fix it. First, he told me, "they would take care of it". First agreement broken. While Getting the lock fixed, I also told Stacey Hill, Used Car Manager, that there was a very bad shaking in my front end. He said, "Dont worry Mr. Curry, dont be upset, we will take care of it'.

Well, they told me the tires needed balancing. I went to tax tires and had the tires balanced and rotated and paid for it. It did not stop! Second agreement broken! While driving the car back home, my service engine light came on. I immediately called Mark Dodge and spoke with Stacey Hill. He said bring it in and we will take a look at it. The next day, I was so upset, I tried to call Stacey Hill all morning long and could not reach him. Finally, I went into the dealership. I had him paged at the front desk. He walked up and said, "whats wrong Mr. Curry?' I said, " I feel like slitting my wrist". He said, Why?" I said this car and dealership is driving me insane. He said, "Dont worry about it Mr. Curry, I will take care of it, You calm down.

After Mark Dodge sent the car to Joe Bullard to have it diagnosed, it was the thermostat. I then took it back over to Mark Dodge. I spoke with Mr. York in service and he called Stacey Hill to service. He yelled at Mr. York. "What are you doing?" I'm tired of seeing this man in here everyday". Mr. York Said, "What do you want me to do? You have to authorize to fix it". I went and bought the thermostat and took it back in to Mark Dodge and they put it on. In the mean time, my headlights stopped working. When I took the vehicle in to have the thermostat put on, I left a note on the steering wheel, " I Have NO HEADLIGHTS!" After repairing the thermostat, I came by to pick the car up. Mr. York was very helpful and nice. He was sympathetic and told me that I needed a headlight switch.

During that conversation, I explained to him that the reason I bought the vehicle was because I was assured all the kinks, if any, had been worked out during the 101 point inspection by Mike Barnes. He then proceeded to tell me that I dont really know the truth. I was curious as to what he was saying. I then asked him if he could pull the inspection. He was reluctant. But, he went to the back and pulled the fill and did not let me see it but, told me all the problems that was found. Among them was sway bar bolts needed replacing, oil leaks, and a few other things. I then expressed to him that I thought that those things were taken care of before I bought the car, he said that I was told wrong. They did no repairs to the car. They just shined it up and sold it to a willing victim.

He then said that " One day we are going to be sued letting cars go out of here like that if someone gets killed". I was shocked. I did not know what to say. I was doomed! I felt deceived and taken advantage of big-time. I knew after experiencing broken promises that their business practices was unethical, but this was boarding on misrepresentation and fraud. I did not know what to do from there but try to deal with it. I took the car to Joe Bullard and had the headlights fixed that cost me 346.00 because I could not drive to work at night. Now, I have a car that I now know was not inspected and prepared for sale properly by a reputable dealer. My nerves have been so bad since this purchase. I had to borrow the money for the down payment from my disabled mother in order to get transportation. I am a full time college student, work a full time job, and just found out in the past 2 days, I have a serious medical condition. Now what do I do. I have a car that leaks oil, shakes off the road, and not to sure about its safety.

What have I got? "Mr. Curry, I will take care of it". Well, Ive been deceived and agreements have been broken. I tried to email the general manager of the dealership, Mr. C. Pierce and he would not accept my email. I then faxed him a letter. NO REPSONSE! They made verbal agreements and deceived me when purchasing the vehicle. This is only my first step in this matter. After this attempt to get their attention does not work, I am going to the press with a idea for an editorial on "Are reputable dealer really reputable?" second, this story is so interesting, I am sure a local TV station will love to do a story on this matter. I have been looking up websites that I can blog and report their business practices and report them to all sites available. Finally, if all else fails. I will park the vehicle on the city right of way in front of the dealership and post a sign that states, " Broken promises, failed 101 point inspections, TAKE YOU CHANCE!" I am serious about this matter and will not take it laying down. Can you please help me?

Offender: Mark Dodge Sealership of Mobile, Alabama
Country: USA   State: Alabama   City: Mobile
Address: 3118 Goverment Blvd
Phone: 2514782358

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