Progressive Auto Insurance
Ripoff - They can't find my records, keep changing what they charge me and took money from my account after being told not to.

Can you really trust THIS insurance company? Can you SOLVE the progressive riddle?

I was a customer of progressive insurance for about 8 months. I was living in New york city where I had obtained my license. I got into the military and was living in Texas. I had purchased an SUV while I was there and I had called Progressive to obtain a quote for my new truck.

After giving all my personal information to do DMV check I was given a pretty good quote, about $139.76 a month which I thought was not bad at all. So I decided to get insurance with Progressive. There was not change in my quote what so ever until I had to renew my policy. By then I had moved up to North Carolina I had to obtain a new policy for that state. Once again I was given a new policy now with a discount because I had added an additional car to my policy. Now my policy was going to cost me 120.31 a month.

One week later (March 2nd, 2003) my policy when up to 145.25 because as they stated "made a mistake of giving me a quote based on a Texas policy not North Carolina". So I let that mistake slip by, but that was the beginning of a scam. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT MY PAYMENTS WERE DONE IN FORM OF AUTOMATIC WITHDRAW. (March 13th 2003) I received a new statement for the amount of $148.25. I'm not sure as what's going on with these changes, so, since anything didn't come out my account until 28th of the month I decided to wait a few more days.

(March 21th 2003) I recieve a new statement in the amount of 169.34. Now I was beginning to get a little worry. So I called Progressive to find out what's going on with all these different statements. At first it was uncleared as what was going on but them I was told the strangest thing I have ever heard from an insurance company.

They were unable to verify my driving records because they were searching for my DMV driving record under the state of Texas not New York. Strange. So how in the world was I able to get insurance with this company first of all without any verification of driving records? Based on what information were they charging me for this policy?

It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. I was then told that it would take approximatly 10 days to to obtain the DMV information for my license. Does a normal insurance company really takes that long to obtain that information? Things were getting weirder by the minute. So I waited 10 more days to see if this company could figure out what in the world was going on, but it took them about 2 weeks to make something up.

April 15th 2003 my new policy was in the outstanding amount of $395.22. Ridiculous. this time I called Progressive to cancel my policy and send them right to hell for giving me the run around and messing up my insurance like that. Since cancellation had to be done in writing, I wrote it.

I also wrote in the same letter that nothing be taken out of my account, that I would pay whenever they find out what kind of mess they did. So what do you supposed happened 3 days later? You got it, the amount of 395.22 was deducted from my account, overdrawing my account by 210.44.

I had to immidiately add some funds to my checking from my saving to avoid any further problems. Not only was I lied to but this company straight and forward broke the law after i specifically told them not to get into my account. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THIS INSURANCE COMPANY? Can anyone see that picture here. I'm still trying to find out if anything illegal was done here. Can anyone help? Can anyone solve this riddle???

Offender: Progressive Auto Insurance
Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Mayfield Village
Address: 6300 Wilson Mills Road
Phone: 8007764737

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