Fast Trrack Gas Station
Fast Track Gas Station ripoff victimized many consumers bad gas

This station is selling gas at below average prices in the area which seems good except for the gas is watered with lots of tar and trash.

To make matters even wrose they know and refuse to correct problem. Recently I , not knowing what was up bought gas for my wifes new car, filled tank on pump #8. Took about 10 gallons to top off. Paid clerk and tried drive away car started then stalled less than 5 feet from pump. Tried to restart several times nothing turned over fine just would not hit a lick.

I called for tow service using phone in station. Aprox. 45 minutes to an hour wrecker arrived , we loaded car up a took to dealer as it's still under warranty. Service manage took report and said they would call when they found problem.

About 2 hours later they call seems tank had aprox 1 to gallons of tar and water in tank. They also informed me they had other people reporting same problem with station. At this point I didn't think much about it , then they informed me that water and tar/dirt and such in fuel was not covered under warranty and that water had shorted fuel pump out and it was fried. I was looking at $1100 for dropping tank replacing pump all filters and removing fuel injectors and replacing or repairing. They said maybe my insurance would cover it but station should be libel for this as I didn't even get off their proprerty.

I contacted the station and up until now they have refused to contact or discuss this with me.. My insurace company ( GIECO) has all details and said they would pay for repair minus of course deductable. Also that the station should be libel and they would see what they could do.... at this point I out $500 deductable rental car and $15 in gas. The insurance company is out $600 and towing charges... These people refuse to tell me who owner was and have not returned any calls. I've made two visits to store to talk with some one about this so far nothing happened. How can they get away with this..??

Offender: Fast Trrack Gas Station
Country: USA   State: Louisiana   City: LAKE CHARLES
Address: 4502 COMMON ST.
Phone: 3374792290

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