Not just Rude, but will lie to get your money.

I wished I would have read this before we dealt with them. My husband is active duty military, and they seem to prey on them! I know what you mean by them lying. First we got a phone call about being late on a payment a MONTH after we got the car, but his allotment was set up to pay them (we have proof) so we sent them the email showing proof of
payment. Then they said we never paid it... THEN they said that they got it on the 30th instead of the 18th smh. They couldn't make up their minds on what lie to tell.
Then, after I finally get some sort of understanding, and set up an arrangement to pay the left over balance (she said the car salesman should've told us we owed a note out of pocket BEFORE our note was due. That was a lie), some jerk calls and says the person who set that plan up lied. So I asked if he's telling me that two reps are giving me bad info? He got pissed and began to tell me he has no problem making his payments and he pays his bills on time. So, I called him insolent, and I wanted to speak to a supervisor; and you guessed it, HE was the only one there (yeah right). So I asked for the number to anyone but him.. the devil or pizza hut would be fine, but not him. He refused to give me another representative or an extension for about 10 minutes. He finally gave me a number after I said that I could just as easily find the number for Corporate online, but not before calling me ''apparently ignorant".
After I hung up, my husband calls me from work and tells me that he had called his job with that same attitude. When I finally calmed down, I realized that we where late, but never missed a payment. So where are they getting their numbers from?? I can totally agree to paying late fees, because the allotment started a week late, but not to being told we owe a WHOLE car note after not missing one. Not to mention that the last rep. told me she'd wave the late fees. It dawned on me that he sidetracked me by being rude and loud while making threats. So now I will file my report to the BBB with six other Marines from one unit. I also need to call a lawyer in the morning. I guess hindsight is 20/20. They almost made us pay a whole car note, instead of a late fee. They are still harassing us for it knowing we don't owe it because they have copies of his L.E.S. showing proof of payment (a week late) but paid. Companies like this will always exist, but at least they can be less arrogant while they suffer from delusions of grandeur.

Offender: SNAAC
Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Mason
Address: 6951 Cintas Blvd
Phone: 5134598118

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