Enterprise Car Rental
Ghost Dent - Phantom Dent

I was in an accident and needed to get my car repaired. My insurance company linked me up with an Enterprise Rental Car. The car was a Chevy Impala. I did a walk around with the agent that dropped the car off for me at the body shop and could see no damage.

I used the car for a day and chose a day that I didn't have to work. I drove my son to school and then back home and then drove the car to the gas station to fill the tank up with gas. I live .5 miles from the school and the body shop. I dropped the car off at the body shop the next day and got my repaired vehicle.

Two days later Enterprise Rental calls to inform me that there is a dent in the car and they want to charge me a 500 dollars to fix it. I explained to the person that called me that there has to be some mistake, as I barely used the vehicle, and know there was not a dent in the vehicle when I left it at the body shop. The person from Enterprise insisted that there was a dent. I told them that I didn't know what they were talking about and told them that I was going to come to their location and see the "dent."

When I arrived at Enterprise I met with the branch manager and we went out to the vehicle. We did a walk around and I could not see any "dents." The manager told me that there is a dent just below the gas cap. I looked at the gas cap area and could not see a dent. The manager had me tilt my head sideways with the side of my face against the car and look along the length of the car and in the glare of the light you could see an indent. Something that you would not see when doing a walk through. I was set up for failure renting this vehicle!

The manager said that since I didn't notice the "indentation" it is now my responsible to pay to fix it, as it wasn't noted in my initial car check. I told them that this is crazy that you can't see the indentation unless you put your face against the car and the light is just right.

I left and told him that he is crazy and that the "indentation" was there before I rented the car and wouldn't be donating my hard earned money toward this scam. DON'T RENT FROM ENTERPRISE!!!! We'll see what happens next.

Offender: Enterprise Car Rental
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Grand Rapids
Address: 2740 28th St SE
Phone: 6162853370

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