Cure Auto Insurance
Citizens United Riciprocal Corp was your pmt late even tho u can prove it wasn't? I cant be the only one with this problem

1st problem: when I 1st signed with this co. I was asked when I wanted the bill to be due I said 3rd of every month(disability pmts) never had due date on the 3rd after my 1st pmt. then, they tell me my pmt is always late so they charge -me $10.00 late charge. So I call last month again to inquire about late charge and asked for further info like ok my next due date is on dec 30. thats a sunday so I asked how they handle that and was told that as ong as my pmt makes it there by fri it will be counted as"on time". So, I get my new bill and theres a late charge as always for 10.00. This time I go on line and look at my acct and guess what, my check cleared on the 28th of Dec. 2 days b4 it was due. When I call and talk to agent wesley he tells me that the bank withholds pmt so they didn't get pmt til 31st. I called my bank and they say its just not true. They got their money on the 28th. So folks, everybodys busy workin 2-3 jobs and maybe no-ones paying attention but I have time to watch so watch out for these guys they seem a shady. 10.00 a month x 12 is an xtra 120.00 a yr Oh, I also took an approved driver safety course that says I get a 5% discount on my ins rate according to pa state law but cure says I have to renew with them for another yr to get it. How much u wanna bet my rate goes up at LEAST 5%?

Offender: Cure Auto Insurance
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Priceton
Address: 214 Carnegie Ctr ste 101
Phone: 18005352873

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