Sumpter wrecker service Apache Ok.
Lonni Sumpter Wrecker and salvage Lonni Sumpter owner of buisness indicated. sold my mother a pontoon boat for 600.00 promised a title, she has paid 400.00 still no title

Lonni Sumpter sold my parents a pontoon boat,for 600.00 they were buying it for me,,my brother was an aquantance of Lonni as he was a police officer in Apache for a few years, Lonni told me my brother,and my nephew he would get us a title,,the boat has been stored in his salvage uncoverd for several yrs.he let us pick it up in good faith agreements that he would get his money and we would get a title, i called him today and he went back on his word that all 3 of us heard him say more than once that he would get a title he even stated that i needed to get him the ID. numbers so he could start the title process.

it has been 8,,no title and he says his agreement with us was 600.00 title or not,,this is a lie,,why would we purchase a weather worn boat in need of repairs to know that we would not get a title,,we cant even put it on the water without one,,its not doing us any more good now than it was sittong and ruining on his lot. when I called him he called us chicken shts,,WOW..I would even be willing to pay the back taxes and registration on the boat just to get to use it,, it is my beliefe this is the reason we arent getting a title,is money..he even threatened to come get the boat because of the other 200.00 I told him when the title is on his lot then we would bring the money in exchange for our good faith not make any deals with lying Lonni.

Offender: Sumpter wrecker service Apache Ok.
Country: USA   State: Oklahoma   City: Apache
Address: 303 North Myers Rd.
Phone: 5805882965

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