Insurance claim fraud

Several months ago, I was involved in a car accident. The woman had parked behind me in the middle of the parking lot of a gas station, where I could not see her. Backed up to pull out, bump. The damages to both vehicles were almost non-existent, with the small scuff on my car, which was worse off, washing off in the rain. Her car had a small speck of paint chipped off.

She freaked out, called the law, filed insurance report. Was never contacted by her insurance, but suddenly I get a letter in the mail from "AFNI", stating I owed $2,060 and would lose my license and ability to register a vehicle if I didn't pay. I knew there was no way there was that much damage, so I looked into the company. I only came across reports of this company scamming people and making empty threats.

I called the place anyway, to see what was up, and the woman was nothing but a rude, know-it-all, and several other things I'm not going to type out. She said if I didn't pay $150 by the end of this month, my license was gone. Or, I could pay $1470 by February. Thing is, I live in a county that has almost no jobs, and have been looking for one for ages now. Tried to say "you know, I get this much each month, and have yet to find a job, can I not just make small payments until then?" and she proceeded to tell me how much of a loser I was for not having a job, how useless my mother was for not being able to help me because she only gets SSI (she's disabled), and how I could say goodbye to my car and everything else. I plan on going to the actual insurance agency the woman had (it's local), and seeing what they say, as well as visiting with the county's secretary to see if they know anything about it, and if a collections agency like this one can actually somehow take a person's license and pretty much everything else.

I'm very vexed about all this, and was on the verge of yelling at her the entire time. It makes no sense, I know I don't owe that, and I have a feeling that it's all empty threats.

Offender: AFNI
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Bloomington
Address: 404 Brock Dr.
Phone: 8007672364

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