Town and Country Ford
Sleeze Balls

Bottom Line: Go ahead and do yourself a favor and buy an auotmobile elsewhere. This place is the bottom of barrel and right out dispicable. My experience: Bought a car in 2012. I knew I should have went with my gut and turned down the deal when the sales person I was dealing with said he could not deliver the vehicle to my wife's workplace or go get gas in it because he had lost his license by getting at DUI! But I went with my heart and not my gut and took the deal. Boy did I end up paying some stupid tax for this! I'll listen to my gut next time and you should too. 3 months later car had a myriad of issues (all covered by warranty) but had car in shop for eight days. One big issue occured where power and stearing went out 1 week after warranty ran out and T&C made me pay $300 plus they contributed their customer loyalty money to get it fixed but I still had to pay for a problem I complained about in previous inspections. I had to drive it in without power stering because Ford only tows to nearest dealership and Chapion Ford in Owensboro refused to work on a car from T&C. Now I know why! I think they resale problem vehicles turned in after a lease and that is why they catch you in deal. To top it off my transmission started having problems in car 3 months after warranty expires. They blame it on a throtle body so power train warranty does not cover it to get me to pay $660. I tried to meet in middle and proposed to sales manager that I would be willing to trade in and upgrade to another car so long as they minimized the profit they reaped. This scenerio would have kept a customer for life but NO. He pawns me off on a sales person that believe it or not says "yeah I never had a DUI but I have passed out a stop sign before drunk while driving!." The sale guy comes back with a deal where I would have to pay them $10K to get rid of troubled car and upgrade to a comprable vehicle. I walked out. I went to another dealership on down the road and made a real deal for a dependable car. Now last but not least Ford issues me a customer complaint number but will not respond to my calls and the BBB will not pursue issue because I sold car. Total damage to me was about $4K. Wish I had deep pockets for a lawyer to pursue this. I buy cars once every 3-5 years and this place tops the cake a downright dirty!

Offender: Town and Country Ford
Country: USA   State: Indiana   City: Evansville
Address: 7800 East Lloyd Expressway
Phone: 8124713673

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