Smart Start
Rip Offs and false readings

I allowed smart start to install the ignition interlock device in my vehicle for use by my husband. This is my vehicle, not his, it is my sole possession. The is more dangerous than texting and driving. If the courts believe someone should not drive because they might drink than they just plain should not allow them to drive. First the unit is overly sensitive. If you are on a country road with a 55 mph speed limit and hit a sharp turn it goes off while in the turn which is a startling and dangerous distraction. It does the same when in traffic if someone stops short and you have to slam on brakes to avoid a collision or swerve, while dealing with this situation you have the head unit screaming at you to blow. Secondly, their so called trained technicians are not well trained. My vehicle was inspected two weeks prior to installation, everything worked perfectly. Immediately after the installation of this device my turn signals and back up light quit working. I had to put a 25amp fuse in a 15 amp slot just to have turn signals. And still do not have back up light as they pop out after three back ups when the fuse is blown. Third this machine will make you blow hum until you get dizzy and practically pass out which is also dangerous. And it is the machine not my technique, I get abort earlies even though I wait till it counts down to 4.5 minutes on it's clock, blow into the unit and count to 10 before humming I will still get the stupid abort early message.....10 seconds is far from early as is 4.5 minutes far from early on a 6 minute count down. Third I have attempted to revoke my permission and have this dangerous piece of crap removed from my car. They first refused, then gave me an appointment and told me I had to pay for all the readings that would be due, even though they have no contract with me, it is only on my vehicle I am not the required person who has to use it. They gave me an appointment at the closest to where I moved 3 hours away. I show up for my 1 pm appointment at 12:45 the guy says the only person who works there certified to do it is at lunch and will be back in 15 minutes. In 15 minutes the tell me the he called out sick and can't do it that day that they tried to call and cancel but the phone number had been disconnected. I had given them my new number when I made the appointment. They did not call. So not having to be a rocket scientist to do so, I have removed and returned this piece of crap to them myself. I seriously hope that they come after me for money it will only fuel my rage and inspire me to hire an attorney and blow them out of the water. I would also like to suggest to everyone who blows and gets a false violation. To immediately call the local police, have them come to you, blow their breathalizer (which is calibrated daily) and file a police report. As false readings on these machines are a possible detriment to your actual freedom it is a police matter.

Offender: Smart Start
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Irving

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