Reno dodge
Reno Dodge, Lying, Cheating, and Stealing again!

After looking at new 2012 Dodge Ram last year I asked if they could do a lift and custom wheels on a brand new truck if I bought it. They said no problem sign here. The salesman assured me the warranty would not be affected if they did it. I signed for a loan $36000. Big mistake. They lied about everything. Interest rates, weight of the truck for business tax right off, and come to find out, the warranty. I went to pick my truck up 2 weeks later and they said there was no lift available for the 2012 and it will be available in 3 months, take the stock truck and go. i fought them to get out of the deal and basically its another long story. So a year later my truck has had a major drive failure. The lift was not put on properly and caused the transfer case and 4x4 to break. The truck has 14000 miles and has only been in 4x4 a few times. Had the truck towed to the closest Dodge dealer in Carson cit, nv. They confirmed these facts about the lift causing the problems.
After calling Reno Dodge they called me back after 2 days. The slimeball service manager, Said I drove the truck after the 4x4 broke and they weren't covering anything. I called Dodge corporate and though they would help. They have basically told me I have no warranty at all on this Dodge Ram with 14000 miles. The other dealership says it will be $3500 to fix the truck , but it will happen again because the lift is messed up. I have been calling lawyers for 2 weeks strait trying to find help with this. No luck. Dodge has a 3/36000 mile bumper to bumper with rental car if your vehicle breaks. I'm told this is void too. 3 weeks I have had no work truck, and getting the run around by corporate Dodge and Reno Dodge not stepping in to help. These guys are dishonest and evil. Not sure how they sleep at night. Basically I am forced to save up and fix the truck out of my own pocket and take them to small claims because they are dishonest slime balls who know they are in the wrong, but don't care. The funniest part Is Chrysler Dodge corporate is letting them run a dealership all corrupt and disshonest.
If anyone knows a lawyer who can help, please let me know.

Offender: Reno dodge
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Reno
Address: 700 kietzke ln

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