Credit Maxx
Fraudulent - stole money and kept ca

My daughter went there and clearly told them she only had $1,500 to put down towards a car. They placed her in an Impala but the lender wanted a down payment of $2,500 they told her while I was sitting with her that they were going to give her the $1,000 on the car but not to tell the lender because they do not like that.

She took the car and all was good then the car had a transmission problem and Credit Maxx stated they would fix it because it was still under their warranty. The repair was scheduled but the car broke down before then. So we had it towed to the car place and as my daughter went there she was told she owed them $1,000 and they would not release the car to her unless she paid them the $1,000.

Needless to say she didnt give them any money and they have the car. We notified the lender and the lender returned the loan to Credit Maxx.

Then to top all that off Credit Maxx charged my daughters visa card that she used for the original down payment $500 without permission.

She went there and they wouldnt give her a copy of the paperwork where it shows she owes them $1,000. They had a second piece of paper stabled to her receipt she used for the down payment. Wouldnt give a copy claiming if they did it would show that she paid it.

Insane. They stole from her. These people are crooked stay away from them. You will regret it lose your money.

I am sharing this with everyone I know.

Offender: Credit Maxx
Country: USA   State: California   City: Sacramento
Address: 3801 Florin Rd
Phone: 9164246000

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