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I purchased the chip for a 2001 Chevy Tahoe with 5.3 liter V8 and 55,000 miles on it. In less than 200 miles the check Engine light came on, checked codes and paid $78.00 to replace an o2 sensor. I called Clay at G-Force and was told to re-wire differently than instructed in the instructions. I re-wired the chip and 40 miles later the same code with check engine light again. I called Clay and was told to send it back for testing, 2 weeks later I received another chip in the mail. There were no explanations as to what was the problem, I contacted Clay again and was told that the original chip was defective. GREAT.... I re-installed the replacement chip and 43 miles later the check engine light came on again.

I decided to take the vehicle to my local mechanic to check things out. When I came to pick up the vehicle he handed me the chip in a dis-assembled form, took me to his computer and compared the circuitry and components with a veiw of a dis-assembled G-Force chip on the internet which was supplied by an electronics Engineer and found that the chip is nothing more than a contrived resistor and can not under any circumstances help your engine to perform as stated by G-Force marketing claims.

This little adventure has cost me the original purchase price ($70.00) plus $78.00 for an un-needed 02 sensor and $140.00 for my mechanic to verefy that the G-Force chip is a rip off. Sometimes things seem to good to be true like paying only $70.00 to gain better gas mileage and Torque along with horsepower. believe me the G-Force experience is an expensive Rip-Off!

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