All The Time Auto
Misrepresentation, Lies & deciet

I put in a search for a part for my car online & a few companies responded via email All The Time Auto being one of them . I had tried another company ( Quality Auto Parts, you'll find them on as well) , first but turned out to be a scam . So I called up All The Time Auto & got a hold of Eric Papay who was a bit rude may I add, he said that they had my part & gave me a quote & said it could be here with in 3-5 business days . I went ahead & ordered the part thinking they personally had part in stock not knowing they order parts from junkyards & don't have their own ( Just as Quality Auto Parts does) truly misleading as they tell you they have your part .

Couple days later I got emailed invoice/tracking info but no tracking #. I had called Eric Papay to find out bout tracking # but he couldn't help me. Eric sent me an email saying call me, so I did & he said that was in response to my parts search & to disregard . I tried numerous times by phone & email to find out bout tracking #, no help at all . Called Bill Fortune I believe the owner, He said the tracking lady quit & he's all backed up & will contact me next day & let me no what's going on, never heard from him again . Got a hold of Eric he said he'd have Bill call me later & fill me in bout my order, never heard from Mr. Bill . Eric sent me an email saying call me I got it, I emailed him back & said if you've got it then where's my tracking # you've got my email , no response .

Every other place I've dealt with emails you your tracking # & info . This is why I don't trust All The Time Auto they've been shady this whole time. I been researching bout All The Time Auto & seems it & Mr. Bill Fortune have quite a history of scandalized activities just like this one (look up All The Time Auto reviews) & do not trust All The Time Auto with your business I found out the hard way..... I'm pretty pissed at the lack of communications & updates about the part they told me they had , ( not that they were ordering it from someone else), that's a lie & misleading !

Also the fact it's been over a month & still I have no part or no idea what's going on! WTF? I feel scammed & their not doing anything to prove to me otherwise! I'm done with them, I just want my credit card reimbursed in full being that they lied & said they had the part I was looking for & selling me a part that's none existent , which to me is totally bogus & their way of pulling their scam on me to get my credit card info! If this isn't true Mr. Bill Fortune then prove to me other wards, I'm Calling you & All The Time Auto out Mr. Bill Fortune !!!!

Offender: All The Time Auto
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Jacksonville
Address: 1650 Margaret St. Suite 302-356
Phone: 9047387832

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