Earl williams Over pricing , replacing good parts

There is constant overpricing on everything! Pricing is now quoted 3 times cost so if a part is $100 cost its sold for $300 and that is on a good day.

I have witnessed parts or repairs being sold that were not needed just to make more money.

They sell conventional oil for $7.99 for that extra quart and if you want bottle oil even penzoil that is $9.99 and synthetic is $12.99 and There has been some really irritated people when an average oil change cost you $50

Labor rate is average for the town so padding the hours of repair is constant and encouraged anything to make as much money as possible without care to the customer, what they don't know won't hurt them.

Honesty is not part of any part of this business its all about the money.

There is a lot of people that know this business and the owner and word of mouth is always the same dishonest and price gouging is the norm.

Offender: Meineke
Country: USA   State: Wyoming   City: Sheridan
Address: 752 coffeen ave
Phone: 3076728006

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