Diesel-Electric (Paarl) (Pty) Ltd
Www.defcon1.co.za Fraud, Bait and Switch, Cheats, Conmen, Bastards, Drunks, Monopoly, Greedy, Warning stay far away. Paarl

My name is not important and I had someone help me with this because my English is not very good.

My message is important. I have faithfully worked for Diesel Electric/ Defence Concepts/also known as Defcon1 and I was there from the start when they started the tinting business. I became a trusted installer and organizer for Grant. The company and managers is a fraud. I have for many years changed film tint from China supplies to boxes with different names. I also did this for many other parts and products.

At the start they used proper parts from real companies, but they changed to China because its cheaper. Many people are not protect like they think.

I ask my supervisor about this and he told me to stay quiet of he kill me. So I am now working somewhere else.

Danger, if you think that you have real BOSCH, GABRIEL, GUD, SACHS, VALVOLINE, ATE, HELLA, OSRAM, RAM , then you have been fooled and defrauded. They use mostly China parts. The picture on the website of all the cars getting tinted is fake. Those cars are manager and friends cars. I know, I help set up the cars for the picture.

They buy cheap supplies from China, and sell it for much to much money and they dont care. The say they believe in God, but they steal from everyone. Even the outside offices dont know they get China supplies. They cheat even their own kind.

I am a honest man and I tell you this at risk of them killing me. Boss Man Grant Laverick is a very bad man and I am afraid. But I can no longer stay silent. Grant laugh and say that China makes good copies. No one can tell the difference, so I tell you. They ripping you of

Offender: Diesel-Electric (Paarl) (Pty) Ltd
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 42 Textile St, Paarl
Phone: 0218727995
Site: www.dieselelectricservices.co.za/service.htm

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