MR.TIRE, AUTOTIRE work was incorrect and not done

Main Headquarters Number: 1 (800) 876 - 6676
Customer Service: Extension 3500

I just filed a complaint with their headquarters and will be speaking to their district manager before taking this to litigation. I went in there to get a nail removed from a tire with a COUPON for flatfix. I ended up paying for tire balancing for a tire that went completely flat again the next day.

They took the tire off and the nail was still there. Instead of taking the nail out they took out a tire plug that was inserted for another nail and re-patched the plugged hole instead of taking out the 2nd nail. I asked one of the techs who worked on my tire to see if they remembered taking out the plug and repatching that. Instead the tech asks me, "what's your problem?' I just started working here Saturday, GET OUT OF MY SHOP!! &- i'm like WTF and went to talk to the manager.

The manager tells me I keep changing my story with my tire and that I told his tech to come out to fight. This is when told the manager he was an a**hole, then called company's main headquarters to file a complaint. I would file a complaint with the BBB also but they're not accredited with the BBB. I wonder why....

Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Virginia Beach
Address: 3480 Holland Road
Phone: 7574685001

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