Mazda of Roswell
Fraud, lie, lemon, misrepresentation, bad customer service, no return calls, intent to decieve

On September 20th, I went into Mazda of Roswell to look at cars and decided to purchase the Mazda Miata X5. My salesman Alfred informed me that this was a collectable touring car that would hold its value and the perfect thing for me since I was freshly divorced. He took me on a test drive -- and was impressed that I could pick up how to drive a stick since it had been so long since I owned one.

When I went in to talk to Jay, the fianc manger. He gave me the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report for what I believed to be my car. He explained to me that I needed to have the Extended Warranty and Gap coverage because my credit score was low and by purchasing additional items the bank would agree to finance my loan. I gave him approximately 2500 cash that day and they allowed me to drive off with the car. We processed the paper work knowing that the other $800 would be supplied by the end of the week.

I went back in on the 26th to get the final copies of the sale. I was called back twice to correct paper in the next several weeks..once to correct the down payment and then second to correct a mileage typo. All the paperwork was re-signed and the originals destroyed. The only thing that remained the same is the Autocheck.

A few weeks after buying my car, it started to make noises the belts were screeching. I called Alfred at Mazda to let him know of the issue and he informed me that the best thing to do was to go to an Auto Nation and ask them for lube spray. Hes comments were you are pretty they will probably apply it for you. lol. He said it would cost me more to bring it in for a simple repair. Well I did that however, in the process my battery died. So I had to replace it.

Right after replacing the battery, the alternator belt went out. This was around November 25th. My car just stopped and had to be towed into Mazda. It turns out that not only did the alternator belt go out the clutch was blown. A total replacement was needed. The extended warranty did not cover the repairs on the clutch. When I realized that the extended warranty did not cover a lot of the issues I would have with my car, I talked to Jay and he said I could
cancel it and I could be reimbursed proactively. He then told me I did not need the coverage. He said he would take care of it. He did not.

On December 24th, my car broke down again. The Alternator had gone out. Again, it has to be towed in. Because Jay failed to cancel my extended warranty the repairs were covered. While my car was at Mazda for repairs this time, they
wrecked it. It appeared that they backed it into an end parking slot and hit some kind of post which put a bubble in
the side and the two tire wheels were scratched severly.

When I picked my car up I was crying due to my car being a lemon Alfred came in to check on me
when they brought the car around he said Come On Guys == what did you do? The used car manager gave me a car for Christmas to drive. He stated to me that a lot of mistakes had happened with my car and the people surrounding those mistakes were no longer with Mazda. He told me they should have never sold that car to me. He acknowledged that there were a lot of issues but he would not detail them. His comment was the staff involved was no longer with mazda.

I picked my car up. Drove it home the next day, less than 10 miles it quit on me again in front of my neighborhood. I called Mazda and a salesman by the name of Craig answered the phone. I told him of my situation and my car
history. He seemed genuily worried about me He aksed the car I had and th eproblems and he stated that this car
should have never been sold. Again I spoke to the used car sales manager he again agreed the car had issues and he was trying to work with me. He stated he would try to find a lexus for me since I had not had those issues with my previous car he never did.

After many debates, the new car manager agreed to give me a car until mine was fixed. He said he would fix me up in a new car for 18,000 value. Ben stated to me that the man who sold me my care was greedy, the car had issues and it should have never been sold to me. The problem with Ben was he was willing to help me if I could come in a two hour period December 31st and if I could all deals were off. He offered me one car over the phone a MX-3. Having been
rushed through a previous sale I wanted to take my time and have someone come in with me to shop. The deal was off the table because I did not come in on the 31st before he left for the holiday.

When my car finally came back to me almost complete the body damage was fixed the wheels were not I was relieved to have a car again. I thought really that all issues were resolved. I did notice when I picked up the car that there was a major burning smell I thought it was due to the repairs. This was upon entering not driving the

The clutch went out again in March. I asked Mazda of Roswell for an Oasis Report they do not know what that is. I asked them for copies of all the parts they bought for my car they refused to provide that. I asked them for all records of my car they refused to provide that. The service manager John was told to break the car down and do no repairs until we knew what was wrong. He did an oil change on my car while it was there okay cant drive the car so why would I authorize an oil change? He told me he quoted me a price of 1103 to fix the car he did not . He quoted me $75 to break down the car. His boss, Brent told me that he quoted me $1200 to break down the car. No price
was ever quoted to me nor mark. My nephew went to look at the car and they were rude to him and my niece. My nephew works for Porshe and has a clear understanding of the industry.

Because of the distrust I have with Roswell, I authorized Tim Halloran from Lexus to pick my car for repair. I had to pay money that was not agreed upon so they would release my car. I then stopped payment on the check.

I bought this car in good faith that Alfred said I was buying a great investment the history checked out and everyone seemed to be understanding of my issue as being recently divorced. Forced to sell my car to have a home at
least for a year with my boys. I thought they cared but they took advantage of my naiveness my vulnerability at the
time and they sold me a worthless car.

The trade in value now is $7000 &- I paid $14,000 plus for the car along with $2500 plus in repairs.

I would ask that Roswell of Mazda relook at this situation. I have called the General Manager numerous times and he will not return my call.

Offender: Mazda of Roswell
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Roswell
Address: 11185 Alpharetta Highway
Phone: 7709936999

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