Longwood Inc.
Matt Carter Wanted to Help Sell My Car...It's actually a Motorcycle No Mentioned

I posted a motorcycle for sale on Monday. April 23rd, 2012. I got a voicemail from the same day (23rd) from 'Matt Carter' saying he tried to call me a little over a week ago about my car that was for sale. It's not a car, it's a motorcycle, and I didn't post it a week ago. It had been on the web for less than 24 hours. Lucky I'm not stupid and didn't fall for it. Today, (28th) I missed a call and got another voicemail from 'Matt Carter'. He acted as if he had never called me before. He said "Hey, I'm really glad I found you! I have clients looking for similar vehicles, just like yours. I'd like to know more about your vehicle and help you sell it. We're a great company, based out of Colorado. We can help you sell it for a small fee, it's worth it, and the sale is guarateed." FUNNY.....I decided not to sell my bike and took it off the web on the 25th, two days ago! He didn't know what I was selling, and didn't know my 'car' was no longer posted. Stupid scammers. Don't fall for it.

Offender: Longwood Inc.
Country: USA   State: Colorado
Phone: 8663269921

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