Jordan Auto
Is a low down, dirty, dishonest, sneaky, unprofessional, bootleg company that takes advantage of low income families in need of a vehicle for their familes

I purchased this vehicle January of 2012 placing 1500.00 dollars down on the vehicle...after driving the vehicle for two days the whole vehicle started to shake, the acceleration would slow down in the middle of driving on the expressway, water leaked thru the front of the windshield while it was raining the carpet was soak and wet...When i call the manager Mr. Shahim and informed hime he told me to bring the vehicle back and he would repair it, i took it to a autoshop was informed of all the things that were wrong with the vehicle. He kept the car for three weeks and i paid a car note and insurance while catching the bus to and from work. when i picked the vehicle up it was shaking and pulling in one direction and took to a shop where i had to replace the rotors all the way around, have the brake pads replaced,tranmission flushed, and oil changed. After all that was done the check engine light came on and found that the o2 sensor upper and lower had to be changed...the throttle sensor had to be changed and the catalytic convert was not a direct fit but one that they had sawed in half and welded onto the bottom of the prong to make it pass emission. Which they had not paid to have done.

The lady from the management office continued to call me asking for a car note payment even though she was informed that i didnt have the vehicle saying that my payments were late (after being paid for january, feb,and march)...said that i was two months behind because i paid at the covington hwy location and not the tara blvd location. I had to call the manager from the covington hwy location to get him to verify that the payment was paid and sent the receipt over to her as proof that it was paid.

When April 15th hit which was the due date of payment...the o2 sensor nor the catalytic converter, or throttle had been repaired took it to them and told them wouldnt pay till repaired...the young lady from the management office called and asked for payment when i informed her that the vehicle still was not repaired and she said i still needed to pay for the car whether i had it or not so i told her i will be in to pay it and she asked when and i told her when i get there.

She then the next morning had my car repossessed because i didnt respond the way she thought i should have responded to her..then when i went to the location she said in order for me to get the vehicle back i had to pay 400.00 towing fee and 5 months of 350.00 totaling to 2150.00 to get the car back and stated if i had a problem with it i need to get in touch with the invisible owner who is never around or available. Why would i have to pay that much when my car note is only 350.00, and i was only two days pass due date. she explained not her problem.

Dont Ever, Ever, EVer, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Ever purchase a vehicle from this company...They just make the outside of their vehicles look good and under the hood is only a pile of junk that they arent willing to repair....Now im back on the bus out of 3200 dollars and still have no vehicle....

Offender: Jordan Auto
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Decatur
Address: 4221 Covington Hwy
Phone: 4042860525

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