After 3 months of reviewing different mopeds, I was so excited when I saw one from this dealer. We ordered it, paid for it and arranged to drive down and pick it up so that they could show us the scooter and we could make sure everything worked.

My husband and I both talked to different representative and had been told that the"unit" would be inspected prior to us picking it up to make sure everything worked and then they would go over it with us when we got there. The web-site says " After that we will tune your unit, adjust your carburator and test your bike" Says they inspect the unit which includes engine, cables, lights, brakes, insturments hoses, transmission, oil and fluid level and some other parts.

After driving 7 hours and giving them 3 days notice, we arrived to find the "unit" still in the container, never opened. After they opened it, we noticed several scratched in the chrome and plastic parts. We wanted the unit replaced, but they said apparently they are all like that. We agreed that they would order new parts and ship them to us.

They never did a pre-inspection delivery according to the website they have, the unit was never started and they never made sure it was in working condition. After driving 7 hours and waiting for a manager to show up for 2 hours, and being totally exhausted we told them that we would take the unit. We had also been told that they would mail us the MSO documents by the next day so that I could register the unit.

When we got the "unit" home, and finished putting it together, the horn didn't work, and neither did the remote start...after calling the company, it was determined that the horn was defective, something they could have found had they done the inspection they were suppose to. They told my husband that the horn and the other parts were shipped on 4/23, however, nothing had been shipped until the 26th. The parts they said they ordered and shipped We still have not gotten the documents needed to register this "unit" and it has been 12 days, we are now being told it could take up to another 2 weeks. I would NEVER recommend this company or its other names, PowerSPORT MAX to anybody.

They are a shady company with no respect for customer service.

Offender: Powersportsmax.com
Country: USA   State: California   City: El Monte
Address: 9448 Rush Street
Phone: 8884739823
Site: www.powersportsmax.com

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