Grease Monkey
Failed Vehicle Inspection after light streaking from windshield wipers and charged me $10 extra for tint fee when you can visibly see they are a very light tint just because they are aftermarket. Absu

It's a Saturday afternoon, getting close to the end of the month of April 2012 when I need my car inspected. So I head out on a mission to find a nearby Inspection Station only to find Grease Monkey open. Yes, I've heard complaints about them already and know people who refuse their service but they are the only station around open on a Saturday afternoon.

I go in after telling the guy what I need and met another guy there getting his oil changed. He gets rung up and had $4 added to his bill because they topped off his oil without asking. The clerk leaves the room and he starts warning me about how they scammed the girl before him for additional services bringing her bill up to $120. Shortly after he tells me about them getting him for windshield wiper blades during his inspection not long before.

So I was there thinking to myself what should I do if they come at me with additional crap because I feel that it's inevitable. Lo and behold, they come at me with failed windshield wipers and try to get me to pay $10 for their overpriced ones. I refused and was trying my best to get out of there without paying anything.

But because they already started the test, I can't leave without paying them $23, according to NC State Law and having a failed inspection. Note, my car is kept very nice shape and it's very safe on the road. Then I start complaining because I want a decent explanation.

Ends up they fail me because of light streaking of the windshield from the wiper blades and then stick me with a $33 inspection fee (Window Tinting Fee added) when they didn't even get that far in the test and because I refused to accept it. Also note that my tint very light and you can visually tell they will pass without needing equipment.

I've had my car for 5 years now and never ran into any problems like this. But because I go to these scam artists who try to nickle and dime you to death, I end up with a failed inspection. I could of easily passed if I agreed to their terms and replaced my wipers.

As a pissed off customer, I am going to the DMV Monday just to not let them have their way with me. Please if you are reading this and have a similar case, please fill out your own report and stick it to this dirt bag company.

JP 4/28/2012

Offender: Grease Monkey
Country: USA   State: North Carolina   City: Lenoir
Address: 1518 Indian Hills Drive
Phone: 8282929743

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