Chysler Service Contracts,LLC

Chysler Group Service Contrats, LLC is a sham, I paid $2000 for mine five months later my Engine needed to be replaced, they denied to authorize repairs. I took them to small claims and won my case, however, I incurred lots of expenses during the four months it took to settle the claim. After getting notice that I won my case I called Chrysler and asked to be reimbursed for my expenses, they declined. I filed a new Small Claims Case for the expenses, at the courthouse the man who showed up to represent Chrysler was very inappropriate he harrassed me and pressured me to the point where I was not able to articulate myself and properly explain my position to the judge. I felt threatened, even the mediator at the courthouse was taken aback by this man's odd overly aggressive behavior. We were to exchange information with one another before entering the courtroom to have our case heard, while he was looking through my documentation he made several comments that were completely out-of-line and unprofessional. Understand, that this entire time I thought he was an attorney representing Chrysler, they were the ones I sued afterall. To think that this is the type of individual they send to represent them, someone who threatens and harrasses their own customer's. While we were in the courtroom the judge asked the man to identify himself, he stated he was not an attorney, I panicked. When we had exchanged information he had made threats, of appealing the original decision, and that he was going to supena the repair shop who performed my oil changes, he repeated my address at least 5 times. He was looking at my auto-finance statement and said that I should be ashamed to show the court the document because I have fallen behind on my payments (after not having my car for 6months) this is the position I have been put in. Anyway, after learning he was not an attorney I felt so scared, I started to cry and panick, this man has all my personal information, he is just some random parts guy, R U KIDDING ME??? Not that being an attorney would have excused that type of behavior or abuse, but I some-how rationalized it. So the judge is asking me questions, and my mind is racing going over the threats this man made to me, and the fact that he had repeated my address all those times, I could not formulate articulate responses, I was just crying.

My claim was denied and dissmissed with prejudice, I understand the courts position, as I had already been awarded the original claim. My vehicle is still not repaired, and it's been that way 6 out of the 11 months that I have owned it. I feel that I was taken advantage of, and have lost all respect for Chrysler. It was not my intention to split claims, as that is what Chryslers position was, I just wanted to be reimbursed for the expenses I occured due to them not honoring my service contract.

Offender: Chysler Service Contracts,LLC
Country: USA   State: California   City: Irvine
Address: 7700 Irvine Center Drive #400
Phone: 9492460532

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