Source One Financial; Dottie Bransfield
Dottie and Sue These two will lie, harras, yell and swear and call you stupid anytime they call

I have to deal with these two "proffesionals" occasionally. Sue has called me ignorant, an ignorant b*tch, a dumb b*tch, too stupid to do my job, f-ing stupid, and a dumb f-ing c*nt. As well as threatened me on several occasions, such as having me fired, taking us off their account list, and she's threatened physical violence. After one of her screaming swearing and threatening physical violence phone calls, she hung up on me. I called back and spoke to Dottie, who claims to be Sues supervisor. I told Dottie everything, her response was "I was sitting right next time her and she was not rude at all. Maybe you just can't do your job right."

I hadn't heard from Sue for a couple months after that. i'd dealt only with Dottie who wasn't much better but didn't yell and scream like a lunatic. Today Sue called after closing demanding to speak to the owner. I explained he was gone for the day and was told "well he needs to get paperwork for me." I told her again he left for the day at 4pm when we closed. I asked where she was from (since when I answered she didn't give a name or companu info) and was told "It's Source One you rude f-ing b*itch" and was hung up on. Again I called back and Dottie answered. She explained she was sitting right there and and that when I told Sue the boss wasn't there, Dottie heard Sue say "okay, I'll try his cell." And was then told by Dottie that they can speak to me however they want and if I don't like it I should just quit my job.

I've read the consumer complaints about Source One Financial, and a few are directly regarding Dottie and Sue. I'm writting this to confirm that it's not just the customers they treat like trash, it's also the people they have to work with. If you have to deal with them, my suggestion is to record every phone call. They love to call people ignorant and rude. Then turn around and lie for each other.

Offender: Source One Financial; Dottie Bransfield
Country: USA   State: Massachusetts   City: Norwell
Address: 183 r washington st
Phone: 18662341287

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