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Last week I went to the local Kwik Kar here in Carter Ranch. I spoke to the manager Chris about another local shop looking at my Suburban for repair work. He kindly referred me to Scott his mechanic. I need several services including some 02 repair work. He told me it would be about 4-500 max for everything. Both he and the manager were very helpful. I asked Chris if he would take some down and let me pay the balance or do they have a instore credit. He told me he would would work with me and assured me that Scott was good and my truck would be done right.

I came back in the following week; Chris was gone and this woman ( who appeared to be from the middle east ) and also smelled of BO. She told me that it would cost 80.00 for Scott to look at my truck ( after I got the quote) and all would have to be paid in full. And now the quote was closer to 800.00 cause of some "additional parts". On top of that she was very short and rude tone in her voice. There was no payment and she told me " I am the owner and dont do that". I heard on the phone telling someone (referring to me) this guys is nuts.... who do these people think they are in Celina."

That was it! I got up and asked the guy to move my car out before any work and went to to another shop. I am very upset that I was told a price by the mechanic, told I could work with them and live down the street. I dont take kindly for people to share my business in ear shot of a customer nor will I be insulted about where I live. There are other places to go and I strongly suggest you do so. No wonder they are never busy. And last of all I will not be giving any of my hard earned money to some broken English Middle Eastern smelling bad person. Not racist at all but if the shoe fits. I did get the work done locally for about 390. Beware of where your money is going.

Offender: Kwik Kar
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Celina
Address: 2770 S Preston Road
Phone: 2148510020

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