Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Verbally assaulted, threatened and hung up on!

I rented a car from Enterprise at the Orlando airport in January 2012. Basically when dropping off the car I was asked to give them the ORIGINAL paper work in which I used to check out the car in the first place. The man signed off on that paper work then I asked if I needed to sign anything for returning the car/checking out and they told me NO.

A few weeks later I get a letter from the claims department saying there is damage to the rear passenger door. The total is $580. I called 3 times to talk to someone, every time I was directed to my "claim's agent's" voice mail. Finally I told them I want to speak with someone directly.

They directed me to an 'overflow' agent. His name was Craig. He was by far the most awful person I have ever spoken with in my entire life. I have never been so infuriated! I feel like his whole purpose was to bully me! Basically I explained at the very beginning that at my time of check out I was not given any paper work and nothing was documented that I had caused any damage to the car.

Here is basically how our conversation went (this is actually the shortened version):
Craig insists that he is going to tell ME how my check in and check out went. The whole time he was saying I received a check in and check out form. Which I DID NOT! and I told him this multiple times. I also asked if there were two forms of paper work with different dates (check in and check out) that had my signature.. he avoided this many times.
I then asked him if he was there when I checked in or out, and how can he tell me what did or did not happen?? he says.. "you may think you know what is going on, but I WILL TELL YOU HOW THIS IS GOING TO WORK" after which I said "Do not speak to me like that" He then says he can Help me and that that's all he is trying to do... he continues to ask how did you pay for that car? with a debit card?

I say "yes." He says well unfortunately for you, there is not a debit protection that keeps us from pulling that money out of your account, and if you do not pay, we will send you to collections and we have a HIGHLY skilled team of lawyers who have been doing this for many years... I interruped to say "are you "helping me" or are you threatening me?!?" He laughs and says "oooh no I wouldn't threaten you."
Yet, then he says if I do not pay they will ban me from Alamo and Enterprise.

In our conversation he also said they have 2 days AFTER I drop off the car to decide if there is damage. 2 DAYS??? Anything that happens to that car AFTER I drop it off is not my responsibility. That is why I walk around with the check out person before I leave!

So here I am 15 min into a conversation and he hasn't even acknowledged the fact of why I am even calling, basically to say I do not have anything stating I caused damage to that car. To me, it seems like he wanted to avoid it all together, bully me and hope I just fold! It was completely absurd! True SCAM!

So basically even after all of this (and much more) I repeatedly ask if there is any paper work documenting that I caused any damage to the car and that it was from the day I dropped it off and that I even remotely acknowledged anything that said I caused damage. I asked multiple times and he WOULD NOT ANSWER. He then cuts me off and says obviously we are not going to agree on this and I am sick of talking to you about this.. and HANGS UP!

Excuse me.. agree on what? Either it is recorded on my supposed check out paper or it is not! I have a copy of the ONLY paper work I received from check in to check out which does not have anything on there stating ANY damage to the rear door of that car while it was in my posession!

This is a HUGE SCAM! Not only was I upset about the original claim, but now I am utterly insulted by this scum named Craig. I really really hope our conversation was recorded! I also want to file a complaint within the company against him for the way he spoke to me and threatened me. They don't ever have to worry about banning me... I would never do business with this company again! When he threatened to ban me, I said well my father and his company rent from Enterprise all year round and if you aren't even going to speak with me about this and threaten to ban me, I'm sure they would pull their business from working with you as well. He said to me.." I really dont care."

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Can someone please help me!!

Offender: Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8663003239
Site: enterprise.com

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