E N Kay Auto
Deliberately sold a defective vehicle

I purchased a 2001 Honda Accord from E N Kay Auto on January25, 2012. A few weeks after driving the car, the engine light came on. I contacted the dealer rep, Calvin Woody. He told me to take the vehicle to a mechanic, Amir, on Hamilton Avenue.

I dropped off my vehicle the next morning. The mechanic contacted me that afternoon and informed me that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. I picked the vehicle up. I drove it another day and the engine light came back on. I contacted Calvin yet again and he sent me back to the mechanic. This time, Amir stated that the vehicles oxygen sensor needed to be replaced.

I picked the car up that afternoon believing that the problem was solved. The engine light was off. I continued to drive the vehicle. On Sunday, February 26, I was sitting at a red light and the car shut off. It started back up again immediately. The next day, Monday, February 27, 2012 while I was at an intersection about to make a left turn, the vehicle shut off again. It started immediately.

The next days, Tuesday and Wednesday, the vehicle was not operating normally. There was vibration or shaking and it seemed as if it would shut off again. I felt as if the repairs were not done properly by the mechanic, so I decided to take the vehicle to another mechanic.

After running several diagnostics on the vehicle, it was discovered that the engine light was permanently disabled and there were many codes including one for an oxygen sensor which Amir (mechanic) and Calvin (dealer) assured me was replaced. The oxygen sensor was not replaced. Both oxygen sensors on the vehicle were very old.

The vehicle also needs a tune up, catalytic convertor and two oxygen sensors, all for $1020. I was sold a $5000 vehicle with numerous repair issues which the dealer and his mechanic were well aware of the issues that this vehicle had.

Offender: E N Kay Auto
Country: USA   State: Maryland   City: Baltimore
Address: 6043 Belair Road
Phone: 18774436529
Site: www.enkayautos.com

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