STMPO or Ross Iaranelli
Company is selling parts of my car. Theft! Refuses to answer any contacts and has 3 of my cars there. Need help on convicting this crook. Have all documents to prove case.

Vendor is your worst nightmare. Sells parts off your car and claim that they are stolen. Drives customer car, gets a ticket, and doesn't pay for it until previous owner of vehicle called me to yell my ears full; since they had the plates still on the car.

I have 3 cars there that I don't know the status of and the parts of the cars have been sold from it. I've sent about 10k to this vendor and the car has not been completed after a year with continuous empty promises.

Business is likely to go under, but is surviving based on theft from parts of my vehicle. I haven't been able to afford an attorney until now. 3 of the cars were all in perfect running condition and fully built.

Vendor tries to stuff claims and work to be done on the vehicle that isn't necessary and not wanted by me.

Also found out that he has been involved in a lawsuit of such nature before.

I should have been more careful.

Will not respond to any emails. Post complaint on NSXPrime to alert everyone. Cars are highdollar vehicles with a lot of brand name aftermarket parts.

Offender: STMPO or Ross Iaranelli
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Tempe
Address: 1126 N Scottsdale Rd#2
Phone: 18005078616

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