I have disability INS. on my loan. I have had 2 acute heart attacks and then acute sinus veritigo balance migrane and vision problems. I am unable to work at this time and advised gmac/ally the loan holder that cso would be making the payments,and why.They proceded to call me 5 to 8 times a day each time I had to re-explain to the new person what was going on,knowing they had all info. in front of them on computer.Long story short this went on from feb.2010 to dec.2010. I had also informed ally that this was harassment to no avail. on jan 19th 2012 ally repo. my truck out of my garage,which an ally rep.told me they could not do,but they did.Ally told me they hadnt had a payment in 3 mths. on jan.19 2012 when I had a statement from cso saying all payments were up todate as of dec.2011 and on jan.19 2012 ally cashed the check.Ally kept roling over late fees etc.knowing what was going on so they could take advantage of me,and they did. I know this is not the first time they have done this,its all over the internet. I was working for a germain company when this all started and they treated me like i was family not like ally/gmac. I am not even a grain of sand in the ocean to ally/gmac but I am not through with them. People wonder why our country has goe to hell,its because of this kind of business practicess, and goverment that allows it to happin.

Offender: GMAC - ALLY
Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Bloomington
Address: P.O. Box 380903
Phone: 8778458862

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