Luxury Auto Fort Worth Texas
Luxury Auto the BIGGEST CROOKS in the AUTO INDUSTRY!!!!!!

I purchased a vehicle from Luxury Auto 2/10/2011 & paid $2800 for a 2007 Jeep Liberty. When I purchased this vehicle I made my first payment up front & when I tried to make a payment over the phone they said that COULDN'T take a payment over the phone. They were aware that I work during their hours of operation & said I still needed to come in. I made a payment arrangement to bring the payment in, but they were closed that day (although they confirmed the date with me).

I went to the location the closest to me on the next day they were open for business & brought a new potential customer with me. While I was there to make the payment they picked up my vehicle. They didn't bother to call inside to see if I was making a payment of not. Then they tried to say that they did, but I was right there & no call was made. I talked to Valerie & advised her that I was making the payment & asked why my car was taken? She repeated the lie that they called & were not told that I was there making my payment.

So said I had to make the payment plus $400 for the repo fee & I told her I would not pay a repo fee bc it was picked up at the lot & since I work for Chrysler Financial I am well aware of what you can & can't charge for! I paid the payment due & the FNYD payment, but they applied it to the repo fee making me behind in payments. They picked up my car again & I spoke with Valerie AGAIN she said, "Oh I talked to the owner & he said you still had to pay the repo fee from before." She never called me to advise me of this not 1 time!

The next issue.......I made my payment with my online bill pay so that it would not be late & confirmed with Valerie that the payment was there. They picked up my vehicle again while I was at the hospital with my mother who just had major surgery! I called them & Valerie said, "Oh we didn't get the payment." I advised her that it is on my bankstatement & I would bring it to her so that I can pick up my car.

Once I arrived statement in hand she then said the owner said that you still have to pay the repo fee & we are unable to locate the payment. At this point I was fed up so I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy so they wouldn't be able to sell my car. I took them the documents from the bankruptcy court & they refused to release the car. I had to get a rental car so that I could still go to work & take care of my children. After a month or them refusing they finally gave me the car, but all of my personal items were gone!

All was well or so I thought! Valerie refused to give me the declining balance of the car so I had to refile with the correct info. The case was dismissed not closed & they promptly picked up my car again before the case was closed. The case was immediately refile with the correct info & again the owner Ray refused to return the car! I was again forced to get a rental car for 2 weeks this time. Needless to say I will be filing a lawsuit against this company because I refuse to allow them to continue mistreating customers & pretending like they don't know better!

Offender: Luxury Auto Fort Worth Texas
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Fort Worth
Address: 4220 East Loop 820 South
Phone: 8174968585

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